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On Dignity in mental Health and the Sustainable Development Goals
@title2015 ushers in the aspirational Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which provides a 17-point set of principles to be implemented over the next 15 years, that intends to support the transforming of lives, protect the environment, and bring world...
The need for more research in community mental healthcare provision
@titleThe significance of wider determinants of mental healthcare provision in rural as well as urban Africa cannot be over-emphasized. The role of lack of understanding about mental illness,  societal beliefs, poverty and stigma is a significantly pro...
On WHO and effective health advocacy
@title An article published in the New York Times of 6th January 2015 uses the Ebola crises ravaging parts of West Africa as a prism through which it views Dr Chan's leadership of the UN organ. Dr Chan has been accused in some quarters of readily bowin...
On WHO and the Ebola road map
@titleIt is good to note the World Health Organisation's proactivity with its issuing of a road map to guide and coordinate an international response to the Ebola outbreak ravaging west Africa. The WHO has challenged itself to manage a process that hop...
Ebola: The problem of Ostracism and isolation
@titleWith more than 500 cases and over 300 deaths recorded in the current outbreak of the Ebola Virus this time affecting West Africa, increased conversations are being had about best ways to tackle the virus which has no cure, and mostly kills its vic...
MDGs post-2015: Engaging communities
@titleAs the conversation continues in different fora and among intellectuals, politicians, policy makers and others regarding the look and shape of the Millenium Development Goals post 2015, it is important to note a few take-aways from these consultat...
Ebola strikes in West Africa
@titleThe Ebola virus which "has no cure and no vaccine" has just spread from rural villages in Guinea to the capital Conakry. There is also credible fear that it has spread to Sierra Leone and possibly Liberia. Be availed of discussion that educates a...
Sierra Leone: flaunting statistics could further marginalise mental health care provision
@titleEnyi Anosike Recently I noted  an article in the online ThinkAfricaPress which highlights the problem of inadequate mental health care provision in Sierra Leone, West Africa. As is usual with mental illness and mental health care, the article s...
International women's day 2014
@titleToday marks International women's day. Let it serve as a time  for acknowledging the important role of women in our societies, as well as an opportunity to re-affirm our commitment to fighting for the health of women, including their right to cont...
Zero discrimination day 2014
@titleZero discrimination day 2014 is a call to people everywhere to promote and celebrate each and everyone's right to live a full life with dignity, and this puts in perspective the work being done to provide health care in some of the world's poorest...
World day of social justice: A time for reflection
@titleToday 20th of February 2014 is being celebrated as World social justice day, with the United Nations,  civil liberties organisations and human rights groups calling for a more equitable world that does more to protect individuals, including provid...
On tackling hepatitis C
@titleFind an interesting article by Paul Farmer, an Infectious disease physician and co-founder of Partners In Health. It details the manner in which Anti-retroviral therapy was made more accessible through advocacy, partnership working and efficient ...
Decade of vaccine collaboration at the World Health assembly
'A decade of vaccine collaboration' highlights the great strides that have been made in vaccine coverage in the last decade, and hopes for the future.
The challenges facing adequate mental health care service provision in Sierra Leone
@titleBe informed about the challenges facing adequate mental health care service provision in Sierra Leone (and a typical story in most developing countries) as seen through the eyes of Dr Mandy Garber a Sierra Leonean psychiatrist. She can be seen on ...
Overuling a drug patent
Thought Provoking: Overuling a drug patent in India, and the implication of this for drug patents in the developing world, Africa included.
Cancer care in Africa
Cancer care in Africa has incredible challenges as well as lots of opportunities. This is Cameroon's story, which mirrors much of Africa.
The first ever world immunization week
The first ever world immunization week is to be held  from the 21 - 28 April 2012.
Health care in danger
Listen to Dr Unni Karunakara, the international president of MSF speak on the insecurity organisations such as his faces, as it attempts to provide vital health care in some of Africa's most volatile regions.
On sensationalism and humanitarian reporting
Read this thought provoking article on humanitarian reporting, and how sensationalism which is largely meant well,  perhaps beclouds the full picture.
Putting birth control back on the Global Health agenda
Watch this truly inspiring and thought provoking Ted Talk by Mellinda Gates of the Bill and Mellinda Gates Foundation. She highlights the importance of a woman's right to be part of decision making regarding the size of her family, by use of birth...
Re-inventing the toilet!
Love this! Hope you do too! The Gates Foundation proposes a 'toilet revolution' which would champion the turning of 'crap' into valuable material like fuel, fertilizer and fresh water.
Talking Peace in 2012
@titleThe theme of this year's observance of International Day of Peace is "Sustainable peace for a sustainable future". The secretary General of the United Nations exhorts nations to use their natural resources for the benefit of society, with a focus...
Ethiopia has reduced childhood deaths by 60% since 1990.
Ethiopia has reduced childhood deaths by 60% since 1990, a significant feat brought about by focused leadership, and collective ownership.
Is Uganda beginning to see a reversal of gains made in Its fight against HIV/AIDS? What does this say for the dynamic between efforts to combat the disease and cultural attitudes to safe sexual practices?
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