MDGs post-2015: Engaging communities

As the conversation continues in different fora and among intellectuals, politicians, policy makers and others regarding the look and shape of the Millenium Development Goals post 2015, it is important to note a few take-aways from these consultations, and also contemplate how points being made at these deliberations might be realistically harnessed to achieve the objectives set out by the articulated MDGs now, and for the future.

It is generally agreed that especially for sub-Saharan Africa, the health indicators in the current MDGs have not been wholly achieved and would have to be repeated post- 2015. There is agreement from consultations not only to note progress where it exists, but also to ensure sustainability of progress.

Also mentioned in deliberations is strengthening inter-linkages between different goals, and also strengthening complementary imputs- Infrastructure and institutions- not only to ensure that milestones are achieved, but also to see this as being part of an overall sustainability strategy that entrenches gains.

Also important as a sustainability strategy which should be built firmly into the operational side of the millenium development initiatives, is to foster involvement by communities- at the level of planning, implementation and evaluation- to foster a sense of ownership of these initiatives.

A strongly engaged community will not only contribute innovatively, but will also protect initiatives in the  future, long after the exit of donor organisations.

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