World day of social justice: A time for reflection

Today 20th of February 2014 is being celebrated as World social justice day, with the United Nations,  civil liberties organisations and human rights groups calling for a more equitable world that does more to protect individuals, including providing a means where necessary to earn a meaningful wage, and also render voice to the voiceless.

For individuals and organisations that are committed to the betterment of the human condition, it is also perhaps a time for evaluating practices and looking critically at whether stated objectives are serving to better the lot of the most vulnerable in our world.

Sub-saharan Africa suffers a crises of inadequate quality and equitable healthcare provision, and relies greatly on support from the donor community to fill the gaps, which sometimes means providing a significant proportion of the yearly health budget for some countries.

This support should constantly seek to target the continent's most vulnerable people by strengthening partnerships with governments, local communities and organisations where possible. It should also be more ambitious in its remit by investing more in non- communicable diseases, including cancer care and mental health care.

African governments should also seek to strengthen their health systems in a manner that allows room for a dynamism that reflects the changing needs of the population it serves. Governance structures need to be tightened, with scant tolerance for corruption which robs society's most vulnerable of a means to have and maintain good health as well as ensure productivity. 

In order to be able to do more to better the lot of the world's most vulnerable, we must also spend time reflecting on our practices.






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