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Amaudo UK's 10 year anniversary celebration and more

Amaudo UK recently celebrated its 10th birthday by holding an event at Hinde Street Methodist Church, London England. We were entertained by South African drumming, The Methodist Nigerian Fellowship Choir and our patron Jackie Kay who read her poem 'Road to Amaudo', and from her book 'Red Dust Road'.

Over 150 people attended including Amaudo Itumbauzo's founder, Ross Nkechi Colwill, and Bishop Ede, the current chair of Amaudo Itumbauzo's board. It was wonderful to see so many supporters and volunteers who have been crucial to Amaudo UK's success. Money was raised from the event which will be used to continue our work- making sure mental health matters in Nigeria and across Africa!

At Amaudo Itumbauzo 80 community psychiatric nurses just recently attended Training the Trainer course designed by The Amaudo Training Unit (TATU). It was delivered by 5 local facilitators, all nurses who had attended the course 2 years ago. It is a wonderful example of how Amaudo UK and Amaudo Itumbauzo are working together to design and deliver sustainable training.

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