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TATU training trip 2011

Ebonyi State Nigeria held a Training of Trainers course (TOT) in Aug 2011. Caroline Todd- Earlam from the TATU training unit was commissioned to design and lead facilitates the course. She was lucky to be working with Ansa Ita the principal of Calabar nursing school and two new facilitators Macaulay and Nnaji, both CPNs from Abia State.

Working hard at lesson plans

36 CPNs and Nurses gathered in a conference centre in Umuahia for 5 days of learning, the in-coming CBM mental health coordinator Dr Emeka Nwefoh dropped in on the Thursday. The staff from CMHP worked hard with the MHAP coordinator to organise and manage the training.

New material was also delivered which included sessions on gender inclusion. This was designed in such a way that it became part of the mental health awareness training put together for the Village Health Workers. Nnaji co-facilitated the session bringing together opposing views and offering alternative ways of looking at the issues-which was helpful as most of the learners and all of the nurses are male.

The nurses also asked for refresher training on anti psychotic drugs, due to an increased use of the new atypical medication. A session was fitted into the Thursday and Dr Nwefoh was able to contribute with the current prescribing trends in Nigeria.

During the training, the learners developed training plans from which they will teach mental health and Human Rights awareness to 190 Village Health Workers across the state. The standard of the lesson plans was tested to check people would be able to put the right message across.

Learners felt confident they would be able to use some of the techniques and methods, not only in their mental health awareness training, but in immunisation and health training for traditional birth attendants too.

Some of the comments received after the course.

"God bless all the donor agencies, organisers all of you for your concern for mentally ill in Nigeria."

"Trainers are organised and know how to give knowledge."

"General arrangement and management of whole exercises, excellent and exciting."


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