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Training in mental health awareness

TATU (The Amaudo Training Unit) continues to develop and deliver training and also support other trainers to deliver training sessions. This is done in partnership, and TATU sources the latest information and converts it into accessible resources for use by the nurse, the Service User and their families.

TATU trainers at a Train The Trainer event

TATU continues to develop ways of providing resources that are sustainable and can be shared across its remit. With this in mind some funding was obtained from TACT ( to develop training sessions in Imo state South Eastern Nigeria. In July 2011 Nurses in Imo state will receive training on current trends in prescribing medication for mental illness.

TATU has developed a Training the Trainer 5-day course which will teach Nurses and heads of health authorities how to put together a mental health awareness course. These health professionals will then train village health workers on how to recognise symptoms of mental ill health and what the treatment options are, including proper signposting to where specialised help can be gotten.

TATU is also developing and carrying out reviews and evaluations across different areas of the Amaudo Itumbauzo organisation to see how training interventions have impacted on the standard of care for service users.

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