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CMM's mission to Cameroon in 2011!

Hope Floats Initiative led by Mr Akin Afolayan and AWDF Inc. are very grateful for all the support we have received so far from all members of CMM and members of organizations we are working with, as well as all supporters who have contributed to the cause either financially or by general support. 

CMM supplies bound for Limbe

We have built and continue to build a good team to move the Mission forward into the future.  Much appreciation goes to our Honorary Chair Persons Dr. Joseph Nkwanyuo and Dr. Aretha Makia for their commitment and advice.  The Mission kicks off this July in Cameroon and our team plans to travel in phases with the first team arriving Cameroon on June 27 2010 led by Dr. Rachel Tita of MedStar Clinical and Research Associates from Houston Texas.  This team of Doctors and Nurses will immediately launch the first CMM clinics at Fobete Health Centre in Tiko where Patients will consult and receive treatment on general medical conditions.  The next team will be arriving Cameroon July 10th led by Mr Akin Afolayan, Dr. Simeon Afolayan and Lady Kate Njeuma. This team will focus on carrying out minor surgeries at the Limbe Regional Hospital in Limbe and distribution of medical Supplies and equipment to the benefiting health centers in the South West Region.  The last team to arrive in August will be led by Dr. Aretha Makia a Maryland based surgeon specialized in Women's Health and will carry out surgeries.

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