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Latest from City of Rest

We were delighted to have Dr. Lyn Westman and Dr. Tobi Jensen with us for several weeks in March, April, August and September.  Dr. Westman and Dr.Jensen work with the Mental Health team of Mercy Ships. They were able to assist us with psychiatric evaluations of most of our guests, staff training and mental health education for the guests.

New site of City of Rest in Grafton

We are gradually making progress on our site in Grafton. The roof was constructed on the Accommodation building and currently the contractors are working on the windows, doors, electricity, plumbing and painting. The rising prices of building materials are a big challenge.

Three volunteers were trained by the Mercy Ships Agriculture team in Organic farming. They are excited about the methods and will now help us to set up our own organic farm, which will contribute towards a healthy food supply for our guests and hopefully a source of income as we sell the excess in the community.

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