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Healing Hands

'Healing Hands' is a community-based support initiative operating in Wellington, Western Cape, South Africa.

It is a source of practical support for individuals suffering from the effects of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. The individuals supported by this project tend to be debilitated from the effects of their illness, as well as lacking in family support to the extent that they are unable to carry out their activities of daily living adequately. 'Healing Hands' also supports elderly and disabled individuals, providing practical home-based support where needed.

'Healing Hands' currently employs 10 volunteers and 10 full time staff that engage in home visits where they provide services which include cleaning sick people and their homes, buying food and fetching medicines from the local health clinics and pharmacies. It also currently runs soup kitchens three times a week to cater to the nutritional needs of the sick.

'Healing Hands' constantly seeks funding to be able to carry out Its work and It has a committee drawn from its ranks as well as from the locality it serves, to help with deciding how funds are disbursed.

Despite its funding challenge, 'Helping Hands' manages to send its staff on training courses to learn skills which include computer skills. These acquired skills are being passed down by staff to other members of the community hence fostering community cohesion.

Project Contacts

  • Margaret Jongani

    Margaret is one of the project founders and a member of the project committee.

    Telephone: +27 (0)746622144


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