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The Health and Humanitarian Aid Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical and humanitarian aid to those whose lives have been affected by famine, war, poverty or natural disaster. With our team of highly specialized doctors, nurses and humanitarian workers, HHAF provides medical, surgical, nutritional and educational programs to improve the lives of underprivileged people around the world. The organisation was started a mere three years ago and has already completed a handful of successful missions.

Ghana 2011

The second most populous continent after Asia, Africa is home to one billion people, which is 14% of the world's population. A significant proportion of these are in dire need of quality healthcare. HHAF aims to address this issue through a focused initiative in Ghana, West Africa which is a country of 24 million people. Referred to locally as "the eye of Africa", Ghana is an ideal location for our work because on so many levels it serves as a model for surrounding nations. We at HHAF are dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare in Ghana by offering services ranging from surgeries to the provision of nutritious food. We also strongly believe in education and collaboration which will ensure that improvements can be carried into the future. Ultimately, our work will not just impact Ghana, but will have an effect on Africa as a whole. HHAF is run almost entirely by volunteers and one full-time staff member. It is based out of the Greater New York City Area.

HHAF was founded by "Sammy" Samuel Arthur a native of Ghana. Although far from home, Mr. Arthur whose uncanny domineer, dedication and compassion allowed him to quickly establish himself in the New York Metropolitan area, still felt very close to home and frequented Ghana to visit family and friends. After several visits, Mr. Arthur became much focused on Ghana's health care system and was compelled to make a difference. Thus, The Health and Humanitarian Aid Foundation was born.

HHAF is incredibly pleased with the progress we have accomplished so far, but still we are hungry for more. We have provided thousands of meals and sustainable resources and performed life-changing operations for many Ghanaians. There is, of course, always room for growth and each year the bar is raised as we set higher goals for the organization.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, HHAF relies on donations and various fundraising opportunities. All missions and necessary resources are the result of generous contributions in the form of supplies, time, and money. HHAF is grateful for any and all community support it receives. HHAF has been fortunate enough to receive resources and support from various corporate sponsors.

Aside from having a general passion for helping others, HHAF volunteers are divided into two teams that require separate skill sets. The medical team is comprised of specialized doctors and surgeons, while the humanitarian team provides sustainable food and institutes programs for children, women's empowerment, and more.

As a relatively new non-profit, we are constantly growing, setting higher goals for ourselves, and ultimately achieving them. We move forward with the idea that each year we will accomplish more: raise more funds and awareness, provide more sustainable food and resources, and help more people. Our main focus right now is raising money for the missions. Ultimately, we would like to build a more permanent facility in Ghana and we are working to raise money for that as well.

Most recently, we have joined with Recycling  for Charities, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that allows individuals an opportunity to recycle cellular phones, PDA's, Palm Pilots, digital cameras, and iPods for value that is then donated to the charity of their choice. Not only is RFC acting as a medium to raise funds for charities, but the organization helps individuals protect the environment as well.

Those who wish to make a charity phone donation can initiate the process by simply collecting any sort of unused cellular phone, PDA, Palm Pilots, digital cameras or iPods. The more people that donate old cell phones, the more the environment and local charities can benefit.


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