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HHAF Update on due diligence visit to Ghana

The Health and Humanitarian Aid Foundation's Director of Humanitarian Aid Jane Zaretsky and Communications Coordinator Amanda Huggins just returned home from a fantastic due diligence visit to Ghana, and felt compelled to share results with Afri-Impact. We visited many of the areas we distribute food to, and were pleased to find our programs implemented have exceeded our expectations.

Children in Ghana benefitting from HHAF's food programme

FOCOS HOSPITAL -Children are sent to FOCOS to receive life-changing spinal surgeries. The MannaPack helps build up nutrition to prepare children for surgery, and is a means of recovery and weight gain post-surgery. The children were happy, grateful, and truly seemed to enjoy the food. HHAF will be receiving documented results of weight gain in numbers and will be happy to share once we receive them.

RURAL GHANIAN VILLAGES -HHAF visited many of the villages and schools, and spoke with community leaders who expressed sincere thanks for our provisions. In our program, food is primarily served during school to increase enrolment. HHAF was pleased to hear repeatedly that attendance and performance has risen tremendously. Parents are eager to send children to school, knowing they will receive a meal and an education.

HIV CLINICS -The premise of this program is to increase check-ups for HIV-Positive children. When a parent brings their child to the clinic, they receive two weeks supply of food. In order to continue to receive food, they must be seen by a health practitioner every two weeks. 

 We will continue to be involved with these communities and are now moving towards a selection of more sustainable initiatives. 2012 will bring a new year of focus, direction, and sustainable aid for the greater good of Ghanaians.

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