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Splash Cancer Community Care Programme

The Splash Cancer Community Care Programme is based in Douala Cameroon, West Africa. Officially launched on the 10th of November 2010, it has as its focus, to advocate for cancer patients, provide psychosocial services such as counselling for patients and their families, and support the development of hospices for the terminally ill.

This idea of providing community support for cancer sufferers and their families was conceived by the organisation's founder who is himself a cancer survivor, and he and his organisation aim to generate interest and support for cause of cancer sufferers throughout Cameroun and extend this to the rest of Africa.

In the past six months, the programme has managed to elicit the support of some in the business community in Cameroon as well as individuals in the African movie industry, most notably The Stella Damasus arts foundation*, to provide material support and lend their voice to its awareness campaign.

Partnerships have so far been struck with the Catholic Church and Douala's two referral hospitals to make cancer sufferers and their families aware of the existence of the programme and provide proper signposting.

The programme currently has 10 volunteers working for it, and it seeks to get them adequately trained as counsellors to provide psychosocial support for ill patients and their families. For this, the programme is currently actively seeking trainers from outside Cameroun.

The programme is working on partnering with local municipalities to achieve a means of locating ill patients and their families, as stigma prevents them from actively seeking support.

Funding is a challenge, and currently the programme is seeking to get the business community more actively involved in providing financial support

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* The pictures shown highlight the visit and formal establishment of a working partnership   between Splash Cancer commmunity Care Programme and The Demasus arts foundation. Founder of The Demasus arts foundation and Nigerian actress, Stella Demasus is seen with Cyril Akonteh, president of Splash networks, donating medical supplies and visiting a cancer ward at a hospital in Douala.

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