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Stomping out malaria in Africa

Stomping out Malaria in Africa is and initiative of the United States  Peace Corps

It began on world malaria day 2011, and the idea is to unite the efforts of our 3000 Peace Corps volunteers who are working across Africa towards the goal of comprehensive malaria prevention and awareness. Thus far, we have 17 countries with Peace Corps programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa active in our initiative and there are plans in place to bring in five more by the end of 2013.

From a small pilot in 2006, which saw a small group of our volunteers in South-eastern Senegal distribute 7000 mosquito nets, we graduated to working with local partners to scale up distribution in Southern Senegal where universal bed net coverage was achieved in a district of 40,000 people.

In the spring of 2010 'Malaria No More', 'World Vision' and 'Tostan' partnered with
Peace Corps to achieve universal coverage for 300,000 people in Southern Senegal.

Based off the success in early 2010, the government of Senegal pushed to launch a universal coverage campaign across Senegal and the idea of 'Stomping out malaria in Africa was born.

Our Volunteers have organised Malaria Action Committees that through the WHO, have acted as independent evaluators of the 2011 mosquito net distribution in Togo.

We have facilitated malaria education and prevention programmes in Kenyan primary and secondary schools, and in March 2012 our volunteers helped register Ghana's transient street dwelling population for distribution of 30,000 mosquito nets.

We have worked with Community Health Improvement volunteers in Zambia and Madagascar to develop community health worker capacity through malaria-based behaviour change trainings.

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Project Contacts

  • Amanda Wybolt

    Amanda is Communications and Media Manager for Stomping Out Malaria in Africa


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